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3636 Steeles Ave E Unit106, Markham
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photo de Xin Jiang Restaurant
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Markham, Ontario, Canada

La cuisine chinoise offre des repas authentiques à ce restaurant. Le chef de Xin Jiang Restaurant est renommé pour cuisiner des brochettes d'agneau cuites à la perfection. Vous allez vraiment apprécier des crêpes vertes délicieuses. Commandez une bière délicieuse qu'ils offrent ici. Si vous aimez un thé, commandez-le dans ce lieu, c'est immense.

Avec ses plats a emporter, cet endroit est idéal pour les clients qui veulent manger rapidement. Un personnel courtois attend les clients tout au long de l'année. Un service à ce restaurant est spectaculaire. On vous recommande aussi cet endroit car il propose un prix attractif. Le décorateur à créé un décor divin. Xin Jiang Restaurant a reçu la note de 4 par les visiteurs sur Yelp.

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Went there only for the lamb spine cuisine, however, that one was the least one I would recommend. Not as authentic as I pictured it.
Tasty and inexpensive halal Chinese food.
Food: 4 Stars Service: 3 Stars Ambience: 3 Stars Fill Factor: Stuffed If someone were to ask me to describe what Xin Jiang cuisine was I would not be able to do so as I have no clue what it is. This was my second time coming here and based on the experiences so far I would describe Xin Jiang cuisine as flavourful and spicy. So far I have tried the Xinjiang style stir-fried bone-in chicken with noodle, Xinjiang style greenbean noodle salad, Xinjiang style sheet jelly salad, Western Chinese style lamb rice, and the shredded lamb with Chinese pancake. One thing in common for all of these dishes except the lamb rice was that they were all fairly spicy. If you do not like spicy food you may want to skip this place as it seems the majority of the dishes here are fairly spicy. The one dish you should definitely try is the stir-fried bone-in chicken. The dish is nothing but pieces of chicken, potatoes and chili peppers...lots of chili peppers. The dish was colourful, flavourful and did I mention spicy? One thing to note is to be aware of small bones as I noticed quite a few pieces when I was eating this. Next the appetizers I had were the greenbean noodle salad which is a jelly-like spicy noodle dish and the sheet jelly salad which was also similar to the greenbean noodle salad. Both dishes tasted really good but if I had to choose between the two it would be the greenbean noodle salad. The lamb rice was a dish of non-spicy rice with sweet potatoes and pieces of lamb. There was next to no pieces of lamb when I ordered this so while the flavour was not bad I would not recommend this if you need meat in your dish. Finally the shredded lamb with pancake is served with one platter of stuffing and a plate of pancake. You have to add the stuffing and wrap the pancake yourself. Again the flavour was tasty and aromatic but I also found the dish to be quite greasy. If you are not expecting amazing service then you will be fine as service here is fairly average. Staff will take your order, bring your food then your bill. They did not seem particularly friendly but I did not expect much so I was ok with this. There are quite a few number of tables here without the place feeling too cramped. The one knock against this place was that it was not as clean as I hoped. There was food on the chairs at the table we initially sat at so we switched to another but even then that table did not seem that clean either. If you are looking for some flavourful and spicy food in the area look no further than Xin Jiang restaurant. Just be sure to bring some tissues or a towel to wipe the sweat off your face from all the spice.
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3636 Steeles Ave E Unit106, Markham, Ontario, Canada
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