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Grill, Sud africain, Fast Food, Options végétariennes
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€€€ Price range per person ZAR 540 - 2 100
19 Long St, Hermanus
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Hermanus, Cap-Occidental, Afrique du Sud

Entrez pour une boisson après une longue promenage autour de The Whale House Museum. Si vous n'avez jamais goûté la cuisine sud africaine, venez à ce restaurant. Vous allez vraiment apprécier un lapin délectable. A The White Rabbit, les visiteurs peuvent essayer une bière artisanale délicieuse.

L'atmosphère intime de ce lieu permet aux invités de se reposer après une longue journée de travail. Un personnel plaisant attend les clients tout au long de l'année. Si vous voulez profiter d'un service fabuleux, vous devriez aller à cet endroit. Payez un prix démocratique pour manger dans ce restaurant. Les utilisateurs de Google accordent une note de 4.1 à The White Rabbit.

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Nice special great staff
Very nice and to my best of expectations. A place where you are free and open minded to spend your precious time without looking who is standing behind you. White Rabbit is my favourite so far in Hermanus seconded from none.
Got home from this place and thought I’d share my experience.
Took 12 students from overseas there because from our previous experiences it was a good place to go for a late night out.
We got there pretty late. I would say probably 1:30am. We ordered from the bar as they called last rounds. Took some time but the barman eventually got to us, reasonably friendly, took our order, served our drinks and we sat outside and had a fairly good time.
At around 2:15am some bouncer looking guy came and told us they are closing and we have to get out. Now I’m in the hospitality industry and understand that staff want to go home and had a long shift. But The White Rabbit staff have quite an interesting approach to getting people out when they want to go home.
The next time I saw this big doorman / bouncy bounceman or whatever he is, he grabbed my drink, which probably had two or three sips left and would’ve been finished in the next few minutes, out of my hand like a ninja and chucked it out like the last sip of a cold coffee and walked away like I didn’t exist.
When I confronted him about it and told him that I understand that it’s late and they want to go home, but that I paid for my drink and I am still a paying customer who wasn’t told at the bar that if I buy these drinks that I would have an hour to finish it otherwise I would be verbally and physically assaulted by a group which grew to about 5 super dooper angry / sleepy staff. Which is exactly what happened next.
So just be warned. When it’s closing time for these guys, the fact that you are a paying customer with even the most basic human rights, you will be treated like they are closing down permanently the next day and they don’t depend on any customer to return.
Swearing at you while shoving you out the door and threatening you is how the staff here treat people when it’s their bed time.
Reasoning and asking questions. No. All you’ll get back is shouting “we told you to finish, now it’s late!” And some other things I guess I can’t say in this review.
Honestly, if it’s a late night and you’re still up for a drink or two in Hermanus, either find another place that’s open or go for a drink at the dodgiest place you can find. You’ll most likely be treated much more like a customer who just spent money at their “hospitality” establishment.
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19 Long St, Hermanus, Cap-Occidental, Afrique du Sud, 7200
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