Golden Coin

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N°278 de 1636 endroits où manger dans Richmond
Ouvert maintenant 07:00 - 18:00
€€€ Prix moyen: jusqu'à CAD 10
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6151 Westminster Hwy
Richmond, Colombie-Britannique, Canada
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Si vous n'avez jamais goûté la cuisine canadienne et chinoise, venez à ce restaurant. Si vous avez faim, venez ici pour manger des burgers délicieux. Démarrez votre repas avec un café immense.

La bonne note de Golden Coin serait impossible sans un personnel attentif. Un service fabuleux est ce que les clients aiment ici. Ce lieu propose des repas à un prix bas. Un décor beau et une atmosphère confortable permettent aux clients de se détendre. Mais cet endroit a été classé en dessous de la moyenne par les utilisateurs de Zomato.

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So I was certainly confused when my relatives brought me here to have breakfast before I had to fly transcontinental to go home and I thought to myself... "Golden Coin looks a wee bit off." Enter Golden Coin, you get this old decor that takes you back several decades, where the menus are not modernised and counter-tops aren't shining to make an impression; tables and chairs speak out the typical old-style luncheonette that doesn't need to update its style... but the best thing is the hospitality of the person who will make your order fresh and well done. They were even open on a national holiday that's shared with the neighbours down south (Labour Day) for breakfast and this was my last meal in B.C. before heading home.Ignoring the decor, I could not believe my eyes to see such low prices for breakfast specials, which appear to not change. I had myself a Sirloin Steak & Eggs Platter. Served wasn't anything exceeding expectations in particular, but the low price and having pretty good cuts of steak is something always neat. The steak was not completely void of flavour, but you would need to probably add some salt/pepper yourself if you so desire that taste. It also came with slices of toast and homestyle potatoes. Simple, inexpensive and filling!Oh, hey, speaking of the food choices... wowie - Seeing the menu board show part Western Hemisphere staple foods (Burgers, Chicken Sandwiches, etc.,) Seafood, Soups, Cold Beer and Chinese food (Western staple and select legitimate dishes.) There's an interesting menu and the prices are, like my entire breakfast, eye-catchingly impressive. If I'm back in the area, I'll certainly try their daytime (past-breakfast) cuisines. I guess one can say that this is one of those "Golden" treasures hidden in town that, once you find it, you will never believe your eyes.
I wouldn't bring friends here unless I know they wont mind the decor. I actually got really scared when we pulled up to the restaurant. It is definitely a diner, maybe in a 50 year old I'll maintained building. Seriously. Nothing about it us appealing besides the fact that breakfast are really cheap (like $5 for bacon, pancakes, eggs)And I will come back for the $10 halibut fish and chips. But man... this place is really... haha. Go see for yourself. My breakfast is the Saturday special (3.45) but you can get it any day for +$1. They also have milkshake. No bad. $3.50?
Excellent very reasonable and friendly.
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6151 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, Colombie-Britannique, Canada
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