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photo de Datang BBQ Express
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3700 No 3 Rd
Richmond, Colombie-Britannique, Canada
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Tous les clients aiment bien la fabuleuse cuisine chinoise à ce bbq. Le chef de Datang BBQ Express est connu pour cuisiner un porc bbq cuit à la perfection.

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Their BBQ duck is always very tasty. Not overly salty compared to other places.
Roasted pork and duck were not too salty. The skin was so crunchy and meat was juicy and tender! Friendly services!
I was never a big fan of Chinese BBQ until I went to this place. I've always thought Chinese BBQ is a bit boring except for Peking Duck. This place change all that. Despite the upside down duck, the chicken and the pig, I was mesmerized and curious about what these meat tasted like in my belly. I guess I was just hungry but I went in all the way. Service- employees were really nice but they gave too much rice. If you dare not to be fat, request that they only give you half of rice. There are lots of meaty combo. We opted for the pork bbq and duck. I added marinated duck egg for the win! The verdict: At $10 Canadian, I had one of the most memorable meal in Richmond! The pork belly was a total knock out! The skin was crispy, the pork was succulent and flavorful. The duck was the runner up. It was also delicious. The marinated duck egg is pretty much a boiled egg, shell was cracked and soaked on soy sauce concoction. Surprisingly, the bok choy didn't choke me. If you're Asian, you must have had a beef with the Choy's particularly with Bok. You order all of these with the sauce and savor it at the food court.
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3700 No 3 Rd, Richmond, Colombie-Britannique, Canada
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