Italien, Pizza, Options végétariennes
FerméOuvre à 16:00
Fourchette de prix par personne CAD 30 - 58
31 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga
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Si vous voulez de bons souvenirs de Port Credit, venez d'abord dans ce bar. La cuisine cuisine italienne offre des repas authentiques à Posta. Arrêtez-vous dans ce lieu et commandez des raviolis aux champignons fascinants. Si vous avez faim, venez ici pour déguster un tiramisu au chocolat savoureux. A cet endroit, les clients peuvent boire un prosecco délicieux. Démarrez votre repas avec un expresso immense.

Dans ce bar, vous pouvez celebrer n'importe quel événement, qu'il s'agisse d'un anniveraire, d'un mariage, ou tout autre événement. La bonne note de Posta serait impossible sans un personnel gracieux. Des plats délicieux à un prix attractif sont offerts ici. Un décor énorme et une atmosphère plaisante permettent aux clients de se détendre. Mais les visiteurs ont classé ce lieu en dessous de la moyenne sur Google.

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I love this place. Such amazing food. The Caprese salad, and the spicy pizza are absolutely incredible. I’m just upset that the summer is over and I can enjoy that beautiful patio.
DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY!!! it’s not cheap. But that’s okay for me, it’s just the restaurant is entering new territory for when pricing products at that level. I was highly disappointed, im not sure if the lamb i ordered was some to be rare, and they actually forgot to ask how i like my lamb. The lamb was okay, but nothing spectacular. And for $50 i felt they skimped. I then ordered takeout to not judge them on one dish. They drizzled excess olive oil on the pizza to the point where the box was filled with it and it stained my car. Finally ordered some sort of pasta and was dissapointed. Honestly, i had a bad feeling about the place, don’t make the same mistake i did. With so many other options at port credit, don’t ruin your night for settling for tasteless, mediocre, nonsense.
Response from the owner
un mois plus tôt
Hi , it's a amazing that we can't find any transactions with lamb for pick up orders this month , we normally don't sale our lamb for pick up and delivery . Plus we don't sell it at $50.00 . Why don't You give us your name and tel # and please go do your hating rants and stories to another restaurant but please spare us all in PC !
Update review: As a very belated quarantined birthday celebration, my friends treated me to dinner at Posta. The entire party must be available to be seated at the same time due to the restaurant standard operating procedures (SOPs). All staffs were wearing mask as the mandatory by-law for the province in attempt to stop the spread. Yay maskers! :) My boyfriend asked for a table of four and the hostess instantly responded with a wait time of one hour and a half. We all looked at each other as we were about to choose another establishment. One of our friends asked what is the wait time for a table indoor and the hostess said, there are tables available. I am unsure why she assumed we wanted patio and why she almost turned away paying guests to other competitors. As we entered the establishment, the tables are shielded with clear barriers and socially distanced. It is a lot less busy inside versus the patios. Live performance started at 7 on the patio by the streets. One of the hostesses disinfect our table prior to seating us. I noticed a droplet of liquid on the table but I did not think too much into it as the table was just cleaned. As we were looking at the menu, I noticed a droplet fall from the ceiling. I informed our server regarding the droplet because I am unsure if it is a leaky pipe and what not. Her response was, "it is not poison, you are not going to die." UMM OKAY. She said it is due to the doors being open causing condensation. A friend made a comment regarding if I eat mud, I am not going to die in comparison to her comment. Instead of moving us to another table, she suggested us to shift our table in one direction. The droplets kept coming and we kept shifting. It formed a little puddle by the end of our dinner and a very soaked napkin. **PSA: due to COVID-19, they did not bring the cheese wheel out for a live presentation and robbed my friends of their experience. The only reason we ordered the specific type of pasta dish. The server did not mention the restriction to us, a little heads up would be nice. I amped the hype since I have witness the show during one of my visit to Posta. The food reviews: octopus (delicious but overcooked), pasta (yummy but a little tough for me, others found it cooked perfectly), salad (I have mixed feelings), pizza (worth it), and the pork chop (a little underdone for my liking but the salad is good). Overall an okay dinner experience.
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31 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
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