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12011 Second Ave #110, Richmond
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photo de Ichiro Japanese Restaurant
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photo de Ichiro Japanese Restaurant
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Richmond, Colombie-Britannique, Canada

Après une bonne marche aux alentours de Steveston Museum, beaucoup de visiteurs s'arrêtent dans ce restaurant. D'après les commentaires des visiteurs, la cuisine japonaise est plutôt bonne. Commandez un chirashi fascinant. Les experts de la nourriture disent qu'une crème glacée est délectable ici. Un thé immense vous attend dans Ichiro Japanese Restaurant.

Il est facile de trouver ce lieu grâce à son emplacement. Un personnel décontracté attend les clients tout au long de l'année. Cet endroit offre un service rapide à ses invités. On vous recommande aussi cet endroit car il propose un prix attractif. Un décor beau et une atmosphère ravissante permettent aux clients de se détendre. Ce restaurant est classé 4.2 dans le système de notation de Google.

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1ere expérience dans restaurant japonais. Le service, nourriture et choix = parfait.
Pour 1ere expérience japonaise.....délicieux et beaux choix de mets.
One of Richmond's best all-around Japanese restaurants! Located near the center of the iconic and historic Steveston harbour area, Ichiro Japanese Restaurant is what you would expect a reputable dining establishment to look like - it is a simple, but well-decorated, medium-sized restaurant. I've been coming to Ichiro for at least one full year for lunch and dinner occasions, wanting to sample various items on their menu in order to provide the most comprehensive review that I can. I've brought family and friends on a few occasions, but have mainly eaten here as a solo diner. If you're having a craving for good Japanese food, prepared by Japanese people, with authentic Japanese ingredients and cooking methods, Ichiro should definitely be on your list of places to go! There are a few reasons why I am giving Ichiro a five-star. One of those reasons is the friendliness of the staff. As you step through the welcoming main entrance, you will undoubtedly be greeted by at least one of the many friendly waitresses and staff members that work there. As well, the chefs at the sushi bar will never fail to send a smile your way as you pass by the main area en route to your table. On every one of my visits, the waitresses always seem friendly and happy, checking in with customers during their visit to ensure that everything is going well. The staff are very caring. Another thing that makes Ichiro stand out, in my opinion, is the quality of ingredients. In the past, among other things, I've had the Super Ichiro Don, which is about $30.00, but gets you a pretty solid bowl of quality food (unagi, chicken karaage, grilled beef, and shrimp tempura on top of rice); and the tenzaru soba, which is fairly standard, but decently tasting in terms of presentation and taste compared to other restaurants. One of the absolute favorite selections at Ichiro is during lunch time when you have the option to pick a lunch set of two small rice bowls of your choice for about $20.00, but I always get the ikura don, which comes with a generous portion of ikura on top of rice, and a mini Super Ichiro Don. You really get your money's worth if you're into that stuff like I am! I really recommend coming here for lunch. The plating and portion sizes are always spot on. By the way, to add, Ichiro is one of the only restaurants in Richmond that offers a decent bowl of ikura on top of rice and, to me, that's a sign of quality. Let's not forget about the sushi now 'cause that's my area of "specialty" so to speak haha. I've had a good amount of experience with the menu at Ichiro over the past year, so much so that I can confidently say that the sushi here is among the best you'll find in Richmond. I've ordered the time-tested simple rolls, the Westernized rolls with weird sauce combinations and ingredients on them, and also the traditional nigiri sushi plates. Among my favourite things at Ichiro that are sushi related, there are two: the unagi nigiri sushi, which will absolutely MELT in your mouth the moment it touches your tongue, and the ikura nigiri sushi, which, with every bite, will send your taste buds to cloud nine as you feel the juices from each of the fish eggs explode with depths of flavour. Truly, I can't recommend ordering these pieces enough, and I always make sure to order them myself whenever I visit Ichiro. While Ichiro has definitely earned it's place among Richmond's best, I would be lying if I said every one of my visits were perfect. On one occasion about a year ago when I visited with my mother, brothers, and my uncle, after we were seated we waited about 15 or 20 minutes for the waitress to come back and serve us tea and take our meal orders. I remember on that night that it was a fairly busy service with only two waitresses running the whole front of the house. That being said, it was a small thing to pick on, and it happened so long ago that I'm not weighing that part of my visit too heavily on this review. The rest of that particular visit ran smoothly and without incident. Another thing that people might pick on is the price point of their menu. At Ichiro, prices will be slightly higher than at other Japanese places, especially when it comes to their sushi. But honestly, if you don't mind paying a little bit extra, it's not that big of a deal. For me, if I know I'm going to get even just that little extra quality and I know 100% that I'm getting what I pay for, I'm gonna do it, no problem. Honestly, almost everything that comes out of the kitchen here is going to be great. Whether you want a small snack or are coming in for a feast with a large party or you're bringing kids in for a simple family meal, Ichiro Japanese Restaurant will accommodate all of your requests with passion and respect. Check them out if you're ever in the Steveston area!
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12011 Second Ave #110, Richmond, Colombie-Britannique, Canada
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