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3779 Sexsmith Rd #2137, Richmond
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Richmond, Colombie-Britannique, Canada

D'après les commentaires des clients, la cuisine japonaise est plutôt bonne. Beaucoup de monde viennent à ce restaurant pour goûter des huîtres délectables. Beaucoup de invités mettent en évidence que vous pouvez commander un pudding à la mangue bon ici. C'est le moment de déguster un thé immense.

Il est facile de trouver Gyo-o grâce à son emplacement. Un personnel qualifié montre un haut niveau d'hospitalité dans ce lieu. A chacune de vos visites, vous aurez droit à un service décontracté. Payez un prix attractif pour manger dans cet endroit. Un décor beau et une atmosphère plaisante permettent aux clients de se détendre. Google lui donne un score de 4, vous pouvez donc choisir ce restaurant pour y passer du bon temps.

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The decor inside is super cute, and post quarantine dining wise the procedure is really well done everything is sectioned off. But the pace is still sma so there maybe be a risk as well as using the washroom, because I only usually see 1 staff working and taking order etc im not sure who sanitizes the washroom. Menu selection is a good not too big or small. Just right, everything taste delicious!
Amazing authentic Japanese food! I recommend this place for anyone looking to eat a delicious food!PS. Don't believe the bad reviews from other people on here. They are probably from other jealous restaurants!
I used to love this place. I almost got take out once-twice a week of my regular order of spicy salmon and tuna cold udon. It costs $12.85. If I'm getting 2 (maybe 2 for myself because I love it so much or for my sister) it would cost me $25. However today when I went to get my regular order of take out, I found out that they INCREASED THE PRICE BY 150%. So now it costs $18 for that one dish!!!! THIS IS INSANE! Who thought of this price increase?? They used to give more salmon/tuna pieces and then they decreased it. I didn't complain then. But now with this increase I don't know how I can afford to eat here anymore! I'm so livid and angry. I used to get take out from here so much because it would make me feel better at the end of a hard week at work. But now I can't afford it because my one hour's wage isn't even enough to pay for my favourite dish!!!!! I used to joke that I could never leave Vancouver because I can only eat this dish from Gyo-o. But now with this INSANE PRICE INCREASE, this changes EVERYTHING! I don't care how good this place is, that price increase does not justify it. If they had increase it to $15, fine. I will be more understanding. But this is a $5 increase from $12.85. This is 150%. I know whoever made this decision can do math because clearly they are just looking for $$$$$.
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3779 Sexsmith Rd #2137, Richmond, Colombie-Britannique, Canada
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