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530 Dundas St West Second Floor, Toronto
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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Une attraction locale - Spadina Avenue, qui est située à côté de ce bar, fait partie de la culture originale de cette ville. La cuisine chinoise est bien préparée à 8090 KTV. Vous pouvez toujours essayer un poulet délectable, c'est une offre spéciale de ce lieu.

Vous aurez de bons souvenirs de cet endroit parce qu'il est connu pour avoir un bon service et une équipe aimable, toujours prête à vous aider. Payez un prix attractif pour manger dans ce bar. Un décor spectaculaire et une atmosphère belle permettent aux clients de se détendre. Mais le score de 8090 KTV sur Yelp n'est pas élevé, comme on peut le voir d'après les commentaires.

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It was like stepping into a pukey AU.
They have all the crucial 1980s songs
I celebrated my birthday last night (Saturday) at 8090 on Spadina & Dundas and it was honestly a great success. I've never been to a karaoke bar before and I'm glad I went here for my first experience. This place had great service, excellent song selections, beautiful lavish rooms and a great variety of booze and apps. This is a long one but if you're looking to celebrate your birthday here and doing some research hopefully this will give you some updated insight. I discovered this place from an article I found on blogTO. Originally I tried booking Bar+ Karaoke for my birthday but their online booking system was a big fail. I booked more than a month in advance at Bar+ and after not receiving any calls back for a week, I tried following up with them only to find out they never received my booking and that the place was fully booked for the date I requested. So as a Plan B I did some research and booked 8090 KTV successfully. There were 30-40 guests expected and we booked the party room, which is the biggest room at the bar and it comes with its own washroom. They did mention that this room fits 30 guests comfortably, which I found out later was referring to the seating. For the extra guests, the staff was kind enough to bring in some stools. It wasn't crammed and there was still room to stand if you or your friends preferred. It got somewhat warm in there due to our party size, but it wasn't too obtrusive. For the party room the staff will mention that in order to book the room you and your guests must spend a minimum of $500... so let your friends know that ahead of time! Split that between 30+ people and that's like ~$15/person. That's easily 1 drink and 1 food. Unlike other karaoke bars there is no deposit required and no hourly rate. They kindly booked us from 10pm to 3am, which is when they close. They accept tap, cash, debit and CC. If you refer to their website there's not much except for pictures of their gorgeous rooms and the booking phone number. I was helped by a staff member named Jessie and she was very helpful overall. Unfortunately the website doesn't display their menus but they were kind enough to text me nice and clear pictures of them. So for your convenience (and with permission from a staff member) I've attached them below. The food selection has a variety of finger foods/apps $10 and under. Drinks have a weekday and weekend price. They have beer by the bottle, mixes, and a great variety of hard liquor. You can do combos, which is like ordering bottle service: liqour + pitchers of juice/pop. They will also permit you to bring in your own cake for your party. The food was delicious I ordered the signature salted pepper chicken, it reminded me of popcorn chicken. Had to order a second one cus it was that good. My guests were pleased with the food and drinks overall. In the room itself, you have a red button to signal a staff member to come to your room, so you don't necessarily have to go to the bar to order. The TV was massive and clear, the speakers were strong and your room comes equipped with two mics. You can also control the lights in the room. Btw the party room is the room with the two chandeliers if you're referring to the pics on their website. Our party room still had balloons and decorations leftover from the previous party and it added to the fun atmosphere of the night. Now in terms of the music, I was quite happy with the options. According to blogTO they have a variety of English, Korean, Japanese, Cantonese and Mandarin songs. I was a little apprehensive because a lot of the reviews here on Yelp seemed negative towards the lack of English song selections and it not being updated. But trust me they really updated the English song lists... we were singing some of the most recent top 40s. They have all the classic karaoke hits, go-to's, party anthems and throwbacks--I'm sure you and your guests will be pleased. Bear in mind I did arrive a little later than a few of my guests, so they were given the tutorial by the staff member on how to navigate through the touchscreen monitor to select and queue songs. It's mostly tricky cus it's mainly in Korean, so navigating might be a little tricky if you missed that tutorial. But once you get passed that and find your way through you're good. Don't hesitate to ask for help, the staff was very professional. We went on a Saturday and parking is free on Dundas after 9pm, apparently my friend found a parking garage in front of the bar and it was $7 until the next day. 19+ bar. Overall, my guests enjoyed the night, everyone was singing; they all left without voices. Thanks for the great birthday experience!
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530 Dundas St West Second Floor, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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